Elena is much more than just a personal story adapted for the big screen: it also invites reflection on a number of delicate social questions, such as:

  • Youth conflicts and dilemmas
  • The ideal of making a living from art
  • The lack of professional scope
  • The challenges of motherhood
  • Questions on femininity, the female body, its social visibility and the ideal of beauty
  • Loneliness and frustration as catalyzers of depression
  • Death and the grieving process
  • Dealing with pain and reconciliation
  • The social role of art

It is in this way that these social questions act as a kind of springboard for the film to transcend the walls of cinema houses, by actively provoking discussions and debates. The film can be mobilized in diverse ways together with organizations and institutions that work with the very themes it touches on.

If your organization/ institution works with one or more of the themes related to the film or if you are generally interested in getting involved, then let us know!

We want to promote collaboration through:

  • Special showings for specific audiences within the respective institutions followed by group activities, such as debates, talks, conferences, with the possibility of the presence of the director herself, Petra Costa.
  • Associating the film with a range of satellite materials such as articles, videos, research projects and diverse texts, which in some way complement the documentary with reliable information from different areas of social action groups. These materials will also be made available on our website.
  • Providing discount tickets for film screenings of Elena for the respective audiences of various institutions.
  • Film screenings in theme-based film clubs.


We will shortly be posting an online map with a calendar of social activities related to Elena, and as well making available a range of materials of our associates for general reading, together with proposals for different ways in which the documentary can be instrumentalized within the public sphere.

Carolina Misorelli and Livia Almendary


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