The Open City Docs Fest brings Brazilian Filmmaker

June 6, 2013 via The Brazilian Post UK

London’s global documentary festival is coming. The Open City Docs Fest is devoted to celebrating global cinema culture, exploring the works of internationally recognised documentary films. Every event features live screenings where the filmmakers meet the public. And like every great festival, it will comprise everything from live music, food, comedy, documentary walks and workshops.

This year, Brazilian filmmaker Petra Costa has made the 2013 programme. The festival will be screening the UK premiere of her film “Elena”, a Brazilian tale based on true events about Petra’s search for her sister.

Elena left her Brazilian home and family when Petra was seven years old. Now, as an adult, Petra goes in search of her older sister in New York. The film creatively explores the experience of memory, in a powerful web of longing, desire, loss and family identity through Elena’s story.

Petra Costa is an actress and filmmaker from Belo Horizonte. Now in London, she is known for a number of documentaries and her films “Undertow Eyes” and “Elena” have swept awards including “Best Short Film”, “Best Screenplay” and “Audience Award”.

Petra is nominated for the Emerging International Filmmaker Award at the Open City Docs Fest, an initiative from London College University. Elena (2012) was presented at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival, Brasilia National Film Festival and the Director’s Week in Rio de Janeiro.

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ELENA Screening Saturday June 22, 2013 @ 7pm at the Birkbeck Cinema. Buy Tickets.

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