Petra Costa speaks at “Women Changing Brazil”

Great women were summoned to speak at fifth annual Barnard College Global Symposium in Sao Paulo. On March 18, from 11h to 18h, the Grand Hyatt Hotel will gather 14 influential women from different fields for a day of intense debate. According to the website of the event, the proposal is “to showcase the incredible work being done by some of the most preeminent women in Brazil.” Petra Costa, director of ELENA, is one of them.

Petra graduated in anthropology at Barnard College, Columbia University, in New York. For this reason, the invitation to be one of the 14 women was received with huge enthusiasm, mainly lacking two months for the debut in Brazil of her film ELENA, so strongly linked to female identity, motherhood and family. It will be an excellent opportunity for those who want to know the director – she will have just returned from 15 days between the festivals of Guadalajara, in Mexico, and South by Southwest, in USA – and more details about her relationship with her sister Elena, main character of the film.

At her side, at the Grand Hyatt, will be women like Nilcéa Freire, director of Ford Foundation in Brasil and former Minister of the Special Department of Policies for Women; the current Minister and expert on women’s health Eleonora Menicucci; geneticist Mayana Zatz; journalist and presenter Monica Waldvogel; between community leaders, entrepreneurs and managers of social institutions. The complete list of panelists can be read on the official website of the event.

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