Brazilian cinema wins premier awards at film festivals in France

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April 4, 2013

“Elena”, by Petra Costa, and “Mauro in Caiena”, by Leonardo Mouramateus, were awarded last Sunday, 31, in different events in France.


The feature –length film “Elena” directed by Petra Costa received the best documentary feature award at the Films De Femmes (Films done by Women) Festival of Créteil and the short-film “Mauro in Caiena” by Leonardo Mouramateus received an award at Reel Cinema Festival. Both the films received the awards last Sunday, March 31st, in France.

“Elena” accompanies the director´s trip to the city of New York to meet her older sister who left in search of her dream to be an actress. The film received the Anna Polotkovskaya Jury Award of Best Documentary at the 35th edition of the Films De Femmes Festival of Créteil. The festival is dedicated to the exhibition of movies that translate feminine issues and united almost 150 productions in its schedule.

“Mauro in Caiena”, on the other hand, won the best short-film award at the 35th Reel Cinema Festival, thanks to its poetical manner of reconstructing childhood memories in the city of Fortaleza. The film addresses an uncle who emigrated long ago to the French Guyana. The award, given by the Information Center Georges Pompidou´s Public Library, in the French capital, is one of the most important awards given during the festival, whose programme is completely devoted to the documentary genre.


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