Educational DVD

These ELENA Educational DVDs come with a public screening license for Educational Facilities, organizations servicing youth, and municipal, town or other government venues. All such exhibitions must include educational presentations and/or activities before and/or after the screening. No admission can be charged and this license excludes commercial theaters and College/University screenings outside of the classroom. This license extends only to the site for which it is purchased.

The Educator's DVD is a Region 1 DVD that features an English Narration audio track with English subtitles available. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds and all sales are final.

Educational DVD
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The Film

Intimate in style, ELENA delves into the abyss of one family’s drama, revealing at once the inspiration that can be born from tragedy. The film gives rise to topics such as the pressures faced by women regarding body, identity and place in society from an eminently feminine experience and stance-- therefore it dialogues in a privileged way with this universe.


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