According to director Petra Costa, ELENA is an invitation to dance with our “inconsolable memories”, memories whose only solace are those small openings in poetry. Busca Vida Films wants to know about your inconsolable memories. In fact, we invite you to transform your inconsolable memories into a work of art.

The idea behind this award is to encourage the public to share their stories and feelings and transform them into works of art. You have until the 15th July to submit your application, by sending your details to There are four categories you can apply for: music, video, poetry or photography, which all relate to the theme of inconsolable memories. The best applications will be published on this website over the coming weeks, and the winners will be announced on the 20th July. The winner in each category will win an HD video camera.

Please check the guidelines:



1.1 The “Inconsolable Memories” Award contest will be held by the BUSCA VIDA FILMS association, head office Rua Duartina 283, Sumaré, State of Sao Paulo, SP, member of the CNPJ (National Register for Corporate Entities) n° 13.491.810/0001-31, and will abide by the terms and conditions set out in the present guidelines.

1.2 The present award has an exclusively recreational and cultural purpose and neither implies an inherent risk for, nor requires any form of payment from the candidates. Neither candidates nor organizers will be obliged to purchase any product, right or service, according to article 3, paragraph II of Act 5.768/71, and article 30 of Act 70.951/72. The award is based on free and voluntary participation.


2.1 Taking part in the award is free of charge and candidates are in way obliged to purchasing products or tax payment.

2.2 The award is open to any natural person, who is a resident of Brazil. They must be over 13 years old at the time of application. Applications from partners and employees of BUSCA VIDA FILMES will not be accepted, nor will those of their direct family relations, extending to the third degree, as well as workers and family members of other companies and partnerships involved in the creation and coordination of the promotion.

2.3 In order to participate in this award, candidates should send an email to, providing the following information: full name, complete residential address (including state, city and post code), date of birth, sex, telephone number (including area code), as well as an attachment with the artistic project.

2.4 The candidate should also post their project on Twitter, quoting @Elenafilme and hashtag #ElenaFilme, and/or publically post the project on their facebook wall, quoting our  fanpage

2.5 There are four categories candidates may apply for: video, poetry, photography or music, each with the “inconsolable memories” theme.

2.6 The candidate may send as many applications as they wish, but they will only be considered for one of the prizes.

2.7 The candidate’s application for the award must be of their own authorship and be unpublished, and it must not infringe the rights of any third party. It may not contain unlawful material, nor content that breaches good moral conduct (for example: it may not have any discriminatory, prejudiced, disrespectful, offensive, injurious, slanderous, defamatory content, and/or form an attack on personal dignity, image, reputation, honor, moral, integrity, nor infringe on any third party rights), and/or have any commercial purpose, such as advertising the name and/or brand and/or third party products. All of the above will be make the candidate immediately liable to disqualification.

2.8 Every application submitted to the award may be published on the ELENA film website ( and posted on our social networks without the previous authorization by the author. Accepting the current conditions directly authorizes publication and advertising, as well as in other media like books or magazines.

2.9 This award is valid exclusively for candidates who apply before the 15th July 2013. 


3.1 The Judging Panel, made up of three representatives from literary and audiovisual fields, have been especially selected by BUSCA VIDA FILMES. Their names will be announced in the near future. They will assess the submitted applications and will award points based on the following criteria: creativity, originality and relevance of the theme.

3.2 Each and every application will be evaluated according to the aforementioned criteria of the judges.

3.3 The decisions of the Judges Panel is sovereign and irrevocable.

3.4 The winners’ names will be announced on the 20th July 2013, on the website and the film’s groups on Facebook and Twitter.

3.5 The prize winner will be notified by phone or email, depending on the information provided on the application form. In the event that we are not able to contact the winner within 3 days after the decision is announced by the Judging Panel, the candidate awarded with second place will be made the winner, and so on and so forth. 


4.1 The authors of the winning project in each category (video, poem, photography and music), selected by the Judging Panel according to the conditions of this award will win a HD video camera. There are four cameras available, one for each winner.

4.2 Each winner should personally provide their details and sign a declaration which will assert:
a) their right to receive the prize
b) their acceptance of the prize and the terms and conditions of this award
c) their acceptance of the prize based on the terms of its delivery
d) their authorization for BUSCA VIDA FILMS to use their name, image and voice, etc, without payment, for commercial purposes and for advertising the award
f) their acceptance of an unlimited rights release contract to BUSCA VIDA FILMES

4.3 On accepting any prize from the award, the winner accepts the terms and conditions, which exclude the right to future demands to BUSCA VIDA FILMES, as well as accepting respect its guidelines, as well as those of its sister companies, associates and partners, its respective employees, representatives, workers and agents or any other person or organization directly or indirectly involved in this award, in every demand, including extrajudicial circumstances, or consequent legal action resulting from their participation in the award or their reception and use of the prize. 


5.1 The candidates provide their consent for BUSCA VIDA FILMES to use their videos, poems, photos or music with no payment, as well as their name, photograph, voice, image, interests and/or any declaration regarding the award and/or prize. The candidates’ projects may be used for exclusively promotional purposes, related to advertising, commercial use as well as the promotional activities of this award, or for any product associated with BUSCA VIDA FILMES in all media types currently in use, as well as those which may be developed in the future (including full print, publications, television, radio and internet), both in Brazil and overseas.

5.2 The candidates are subject to the terms and conditions of the present guidelines, and are personally responsible for all information submitted in the application form to the award.

5.3 On applying for this award, the candidate declares their unconditional consent to all the conditions laid down in the present guidelines.

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