Watch: Petra Costa On ‘Elena,’ Brazilian Documentary Films and More

By Zainab Akande – Indiewire – 10/16/2014

“There is a strong history of documentary films, but not inward-looking,” said Petra Costa on the nature of Brazilian documentaries.

elenapetraIn a talk hosted by KCRW radio host Matt Holzman earlier this month, Brazilian director Petra Costa of the documentary “Elena” sat alongside executive producer Tim Robbins to speak about the film which looks at Costa’s journey in retracing the footsteps of her older sister, Elena.

Elena moved from Brazil to New York with dreams of becoming a famous actress–only to commit suicide while Costa was still a child. Costa uses film to both remember and find closure, which she discusses at length. The screening and talk took place earlier this month as part of IDA’s 2014 Documentary Screening Series.

>> Here’s five short clips!



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