Note by Minister Eleonora Menicucci on the documentary ELENA, by Petra Costa

Eleonora Menicucci –  Brazil’s Minister of the Secretariat of Policies for Women – 9/25/2012
Translated by Robin Geld

IMG_6811Congratulations to filmmaker Petra Costa on winning the audience award for best feature documentary at the 45th Brasília Film Festival, as well as for best film direction, art direction and editing for ELENA, a film interlinking the lives of three women: a mother and two daughters.

Petra presents us the intimate, devastating drama of the lives of three women: Elena, actress who died very young, Petra and her mother Li An. She offers us a poetic approach in building the story of the character Elena, based on the real story of her sister. The filmmaker searched fragments of memories to compose Elena, who went to New York when Petra was only seven years old.

In the end, Petra is able to transform what was a tragedy into memory, showing that losses are surmountable, such as her mother’s who lived in clandestinity as part of the movement against the dictatorship and which had as ideological mentor, Pedro Pomar, assassinated during the Lapa, São Paulo, massacre, in 1976.

Eleonora Menicucci is Brazil’s Minister of the Secretariat of Policies for Women.

She was keynote speaker at the Barnard College of Columbia University’s Fifth Annual Global Symposium “Women Changing Brazil”, SP, March 18, 2012.

Petra Costa, Barnard-Columbia alumna ’06, Brazilian filmmaker and actress, was chosen as one of the notable women of Brazil„ and gave her introductory remarks at the opening of the symposium




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