Istanbul: Video from Taksim Square, followed by a Brief History and Commentary

Video of Petra Costa reporting from Turkey
Text by Li An and edited by David Senigo
“Istanbul comes from the Greek, which means simply, This City.
Elena was born and lived in Turkey in the III century.
Elena, who became St. Elena, having converted her own son, brought about religious tolerance for Christians who had been living in clandestinity.
Constantinople had been refered to as Byzantium, after Byzas, a legendary Greek, who founded it in 657 BC after sailing northeast across the Aegean Sea.The Turks eventually settled on the more neutral name Istanbul: “This City.”

The eastern part of the city is in Asia, the western, in Europe,
being divided by the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.
The massive bridge full of protesters starts coming at us.
Legend has it that the great flood of Noah was there.Today Turkey is fashionable, at least in Brazil.
It was accepted in the European Union a few years ago.
Much of its youth is well aquainted with the European style of life, many having lived or studied in Germany. These young ecological Muslims, while defending their green Taksim square from becoming a mall and army barracks, face fire, water and gas in a central square.

With a total population of 80 million, Turkey hosts 30 million tourists a year. It still exists as a crossroads where many of the world’s religions, cultures and economies meet.So the Prime Minister must face not only the Turkish people, but the wider world that is watching and taking part.

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