Interview with Petra Costa

By Jordan M. Smith for – 6/6/2014


In this interview ELENA’s director Petra Costa gives, you’ll find out more about the process of making the film and producing it. Did Petra feel guilty about exposing her mother to all those memories? Was it hard for her to go back to so many old memories and recordings? Why does she use the water metaphor? And why did ELENA take three years to be ready? These are some of the questions the interviewer makes and that make Petra reflect deeply about ELENA.

In the video, Petra tells us how painful the process of making ELENA was, even though she is happy with the final result. She also speaks about the editing process, her search for perfection, the reason why she decided to make the film now and not when she gets older, and she also shows us a glimpse of her new projects.

Interview: Petra Costa (Elena) from on Vimeo.



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