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“Elena” Gets Deeply Personal In Its Exploration Of Suicide


by Hollie O’Connor, Via The University Star 3/14/2013 |

By far the most beautiful and disturbing movie I’ve watched all festival was a film a woman made about her sister’s suicide.

Director Petra Costa narrates over a mix of home movies and dreamy images, splicing in interviews with her mother, leading the audience from her sister Elena’s childhood to her death. Costa tells the story in second person, speaking to her dead sister as she describes scenes from their life together. The movie hits it’s emotional peak when Costa describes how Elena thinks her dreams of working in theatre will never be realized and overdoses on pills.

Costa had thought of making the movie since she was 18 years old, but a recent dream of her sister promoted her to take the plunge and finally start filming.

“It’s empowering to share this story. Of course it’s hard to be with the material and deal with death, and miss my sister again and again, but sometimes I could see it just as a story I wanted to tell,” Costa said.

Costa is working on an interactive element to go along with the film where people can share their “inconsolable memories.”

Her next project is an exploration into people’s romantic notions of pregnancy.



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